Digital Pregnancy/Ovulation Rapid Test

Product code: 975973278

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Digital Pregnancy/Ovulation Rapid Test – Product code: 975973278

Ovulation + Pregnancy Digital Screen Test allows with a single device to identify the fertile period and the early state of pregnancy. The box includes 7 ovulation test sticks, 2 pregnancy test sticks and a monitor. Stick refills available. The Screen digital pregnancy and ovulation test is able to assess both ovulation and the status of recent pregnancies. It can test for ovulation first and then for pregnancy to assess whether or not you are pregnant. The monitor is able to distinguish LH and HCG automatically and the results will be visible in an LCD screen. The Reader can be used up to 25 times, the sticks are disposable. Refills are only available online on this website, communicating the batch number of the digital reader. Digital Screen Test Pregnancy and Ovulation 2+7 pieces is a CE 0197 in vitro diagnostic medical device. Carefully read the warnings and instructions for use. Authorization of XX/XX/XXXX.

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