Covid-19 Salivary Swab

In the fight against Covid-19, tracking of positive patients is essential to reduce and contain the infection. The screening is important, which remains the most effective action to identify people who have come into contact with the Sars-CoV-2 virus and who do not show obvious symptoms of a possible infection.

Rapid genetic tests were the first diagnostic tools to be introduced in those contexts where the flow of people is so high that it is impossible to wait for the molecular buffer . Used in schools, airports and stations, but also to take part in sporting events, shows and important events.

Now, a new diagnostic test is added to those available, the new Covid-19 salivary swab, available in pharmacies and for large-scale distribution.

This swab is distributed by Screen Italia , a leader in the rapid test sector which, after introducing rapid antigen tests to do at home, is now putting on the market a kit which, in just 15 minutes , lets you know whether or not you are positive for Covid-19.

This diagnostic tool detects the presence of the virus in the mouth, the kit includes the test device, the sample collection device, the buffer solution, safety bio bags and the package insert with instructions to do it correctly yourself.

The operation of the test is very simple: you take a saliva sample and, through the reagent, you can know in a few minutes if you have come into contact with Sars-CoV-2.

Rapid Salivary Swab is recommended in situations where molecular testing cannot be performed or when repeated screening is required.

Thinking, for example, employees of companies and schools, but also of the elderly, the disabled and children in nursery schools.

These are situations in which it may be necessary to take tests several times during the day or every day. In this case, the Quick Saliva Test Kit represents the most effective and functional screening tool for monitoring people.

However, remember that the salivary kit is useful for intercepting the positives, but must always be followed by the molecular swab which remains the only effective diagnostic tool to confirm or not the infection.

However, the rapid salivary test is useful for identifying asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic people. Saliva has a very high viral load, especially in those fragile subjects who already have other pathologies and are affected by the virus.

The salivary swab must be performed within the first 5 days from the presence of some symptoms that may lead to suspicion of Covid-19 infection. Thanks to the disposable Self Test, which can be purchased in pharmacies, anyone can perform it and monitor their health, helping to limit the spread of the infection.

The advantages of Salivary swab covid-19 are many: the possibility of running them when necessary and the speed with which the result is obtained.

In addition, they can be easily purchased at the pharmacy and can be performed in complete autonomy. Ideal if you have taken part in potentially dangerous situations due to exposure to the virus and want to know your health condition.


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