Bovine foot and mouth disease virus A Ab Test

Product code: SCV-1705-10

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Bovine foot and mouth disease virus A Ab Test – Product code: SCV-1705-10

The Bovine Foot and Mouth Disease Virus Anti-A (B.FMDV-A Ab) Antibody Rapid Cassette Test (Serum/Plasma) is a lateral scrolling immunochromatographic assay for the qualitative detection of FMDV serotype A antibodies in bovine serum and plasma. It is used to monitor the level of FMDV-A antibody and provides an important reference for the vaccination plan. The B.FMDV-A antibody rapid cassette test (Serum/Plasma) is based on a sandwich lateral scroll immunochromatographic test. The test cassette has a window for observing the analysis and reading the result. The analysis window is equipped with an invisible area of ​​the T line (test) and one of the C line (control). When the sample is poured into the sample well on the cassette, the liquid flows sideways over the surface of the test strip and reacts with the B.FMDV-A antigens coating it. If there are anti-B.FMDV A antigens in the sample, a visible T line appears in the T area. The C line must always appear after adding the sample, confirming the validity of the result. In this way the cassette can accurately indicate the presence of B.FMDV-A Antibody in the sample.


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