Vaginal Ph Rapid Test

Product code: SC-0753-25

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Vaginal Ph Rapid Test – Product code: SC-0753-25

The vaginal pH test is a control tool to be used for identifying the main forms of vaginitis on vaginal fluid samples from women concerned about their intimate health. Vaginitis refers to irritation of the vagina, a problematic condition that affects millions of women of all ages all over the world. The most common type of vaginal infection is bacterial vaginosis. In most cases it can be effectively treated with prescription or over-the-counter medications if properly diagnosed. However, if not treated, diagnosed correctly, or treated incorrectly, a vaginal infection can cause serious consequences such as infertility or miscarriage and predispose to cancer. Vaginal infections are quite common and often a recurring problem among women of all ages. An abnormal acidity of vaginal secretions can help assess whether vaginal symptoms may be caused by an infection that requires medical therapy. An acidic vaginal pH value between 3.8 and 4.5 is a basic requirement for the optimal functioning of the natural protection system of the vagina. This system can effectively prevent colonization by pathogens and the possibility of vaginal infections. Under the influence of lacto-bacteria, the glycogen released by the upper vaginal epithelium breaks down to form glucose and lactic acid. This causes an acidic environment in the vagina, with a pH value usually between 3.8 and 4.5. This acidic vaginal environment provides effective protection against infection, as the vast majority of disease-causing bacteria do not survive in such conditions. The physiological vaginal pH level therefore depends on the quantitative presence of lactic acid. Some vaginal infections known to be associated with abnormal vaginal acidity have no drug-free treatments and can only be treated by a medical professional. Some cases of abnormal secretions with abnormal acidity can be caused by a combination of infections. Vaginal infections can be very risky for pregnant women, both mother and fetus, so symptoms and results should always be discussed with a doctor. A pH sheet is used to determine the pH levels in the sample obtained by vaginal swab. As soon as the swab with the vaginal sample comes into contact with the pH sheet included in the test holder, a color change occurs. Various pH levels can result in various grades and shades of color indicating a particular pH level on the color scale for each color grade / shade. The color obtained on the pH sheet after applying the vaginal swab is therefore compared with the color scale supplied with the test. The result is considered to be approximately equivalent to the numerical value of the color closest to that obtained on the scale.


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