Saliva Alcohol Test Strip

Product code: SC-1002-40

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Saliva Alcohol Test Strip – Product code: SC-1002-40

Alcohol Test Disposable, economical, simple and practical through saliva, just insert the test in the mouth for 10 sec. and wait 2 minutes to read the result by comparing the color of the test swab with the color scale on the back of the package. Detect the presence of alcohol in the hours before the test. It is a plastic stick to be inserted in the mouth for 10 seconds, in the presence of alcohol the test changes color. The test is graded according to the law of the highway code. IVD Test for Professional and Medical Use with CE Mark registered in the Database of Medical Devices in Italy. This test verifies whether or not alcohol and spirits are consumed during the hours preceding the test. The Etil Professional rapid test is a quick and sensitive chemical method test for the detection of alcohol (alc) (ethyl alcohol / ethanol) in saliva and other liquid samples. From the analysis of the saliva sample you will be able to evaluate the alcohol concentration in the blood. This test provides a qualitative result, ie it indicates whether or not the sample in question (eg saliva) contains alcohol. The test identifies ethanol at a concentration of 0.1 ‰ or 10 mg/dL respectively through a color change of the reaction or of the test buffer. The intensity of the blue color increases with the concentration of alcohol in the sample. Therefore, the Etil Professional test causes a color change in the presence of alcohol within the sample, going from light yellow when negative, to light or dark blue to gray blue in the presence of high alcohol concentrations. The ethanol used for alcoholic beverages is produced by fermentation: when some species of yeast metabolize sugar (wine, mead), cereal starch (beer) or rice starch (sake). Fermentation stops at certain alcohol concentrations, because concentrated ethanol solutions are toxic to yeast. Through distillation the concentration of ethanol in beverages can be higher, such as in liqueurs. Alcohol can be present in drugs and various types of chocolates. The causes of acute intoxication are mostly due to the consumption of alcoholic beverages or the inhalation of alcohol vapors in the workplace. The high consumption of alcohol is a very widespread problem of social relevance. It can cause accidents on the roads and at work, as well as diseases and social problems such as the interruption of relationships or psychological disorders within society for alcohol users. Controlling alcohol consumption is an effective method of identifying those people who are affected by it. These individuals can cause harm to themselves and others. Even within the workplace, the Etil Professional alcohol test can guarantee you an awareness such as to: increase health and safety at work, guarantee product quality, optimize capabilities and improve the atmosphere in the workplace and reduce absences from work.


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