Canine Parvovirus + Canine Coronavirus Ag

Product code: SCV-1132-10

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Canine Parvovirus + Canine Coronavirus Ag – Product code: SCV-1132-10

The CPV + CCV Antigen Combo Cassette Rapid Test Cassette (stool/vomit) is a rapid test to separately diagnose the presence of Canine Parvovirus (CPV) antigen and Canine Coronavirus (CCV) antigen in stool or vomitus. dog. CPV + CCV Antigen Combo is a rapid cassette test with lateral flow immunochromatographic examination, based on the direct (or Sandwich) method. The device has two test windows. Each test window has an invisible T (test) zone and C (control) zone. When the sample is applied to the wells (S) on the cassette, the liquid flows sideways on the surface of the test strip. If a CPV antigen or a CCV antigen is present in the sample, a visible T-line will be displayed in the corresponding test window. Line C should always appear after applying a sample, thus indicating that the result is valid. In this way the cassette can accurately indicate the presence of the CPV antigen or the CCV antigen in the sample.


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