Sperm Concentration Rapid Test

Product code: SC-0784-40

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Sperm Concentration Rapid Test – Product code: SC-0784-40

This test is used to qualitatively identify the sperm count of human semen in vitro and to conduct auxiliary clinical diagnoses of infertility and self-assessment of fertility and male procreation. The sperm count detection kit (colorimetric method) uses an inert glass fiber membrane with high water absorbency and a pore size of less than 0.5 um to filter the semen. Sperm cells are trapped on the surface of the first layer of the membrane and dye fluid is used to quickly dye the sperm cells. The darker the color, the higher the sperm count on the filter membrane and the higher the sperm count of the semen. This product uses inert glass fiber membranes with a high water absorption value and a pore size of less than 0.5μm to filter the seed. The sperm cells are trapped on the surface of the first layer of the membrane and a dye solution is used to highlight the sperm cells. The darker the color of Well A, the higher the sperm count. If the color of well A is lighter than the standard reference color of well B, the sperm count is less than 20 million/mL. If the color of test well A is darker than the standard reference well B, it means that the sperm count is greater than 20 milons/mL. The sperm count of 20 million/ml is the minimum required for pregnancy. This kit is designed to be used for a qualitative in vitro estimation of human semen sperm counts. Basically this means that the test will determine if the number of sperm cells is at an adequate level for conception through intercourse, subject to the woman’s ovulation times. A low sperm count indicates a lower chance of conception. It is advisable to consult a doctor for advice on how to increase sperm counts. Please read all information in this package insert before performing the test: This kit can only be used as an in vitro diagnostic test using human semen as a sample and cannot be used with other organic fluid samples. The kit should be stored at room temperature, avoiding areas of excessive humidity. If the sealed pouch is damaged or opened, please do not use the test. Once the test package has been opened, the test should be used as soon as possible, to avoid exposure to air for long periods which could result in a malfunction of the test. This kit is intended to be used only as a preliminary test and repeated negative results should be discussed with your doctor or specialist. When pouring samples, dye solution and wash buffer, avoid bubble formation as this may adversely affect the results. Make sure you follow the instructions on the timing of the test and observation of the results correctly. The kit should not be frozen or used beyond the expiration date printed on the outer carton.


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