Multi Drug Rapid Test Surface Solids

Product code: SC-0371-25

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Multi Drug Rapid Test Surface Solids – Product code: SC-0371-25

Anti-drug surface and dust tests to identify 7 substances: MDMA ecstasy, morphine, cocaine, metanphetamines, amphetamines, ketamine, THC Marijuana. This drug test is used to detect the presence of drugs in the surfaces or powders. If the test is positive means that there is the presence of one of the substances indicated in the test, the result is specific for each analyzed substance. Easy to use, created to identify most illegal substances and precursors of these substances quickly and accurately in the field and to assist laboratory analyzes. During the test a migrant sample upwards per capillary action. A drug, if present in the sample below the threshold-limit concentration, will not sat state the binding sites of this specific antibody. The antibody will therefore react with the drug-protein conjugate and a visible colored line will appear in the test area for the specific drug tested. The presence of the drug above the threshold-limit concentration will satulate all the binding sites of the antibody. So the colored line will not form in the test area. A positive sample will not generate a colored line in the specific area of ​​the stripe test due to the drug competition, while a negative drug sample will generate a line in the test area for the absence of competition. For procedural control purposes, a colored line will always appear in the control zone, indicating that a correct volume of sample was paid and that the membrane was soaked


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