Etilometro Monouso sull’espirato

Product code: SCREEN0001

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Etilometro Monouso sull’espirato – Product code: SCREEN0001

Disposable Breathalyzer with balloon NF France approved and American FDA approved. Chemical reaction breathalyzer that detects the presence of alcohol in the body by breathing out. Manufactured by an ISO certified company with years of experience in the sector. Free Drive is a Disposable balloon Breathalyzer, economical, accurate, reliable and in compliance with the NF law in France. The alcohol test consists of a tube and a balloon, through a chemical reaction in the presence of alcohol there will be a color change in the test. The Freedrive Disposable Breathalyzer lets you know if the legal limit of 0.50 g/l has been exceeded. Main features: Disposable, easy to use, Individually packaged, Immediate response, Reliable, hygienically safe, Economical and easy to carry, Certified NF (France), FDA approved.


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