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Product code: SC-1194-01

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Screen Reader Software – Product code: SC-1194-01

Created as a Reader for the Objective Printing of the Drug Test for Occupational Medicine, it was then adapted to the reading of other tests as well. Tool for the Objective Printing of the drug test created for the Occupational Medicine Law, notified to the Ministry of Health. The system consists of the Screen Reader Software plus Screen Box Reader and is able to read drug tests giving alphanumeric reading results, the tool allows you to carry out the Objective Print of the Drug Test Result with reading of the Creatinine and Ph. Our Screen Reader software can be installed on multiple computers, it has a license cost of €70 starting from the second year. It works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. A single tool that reads and interprets the results of the drug test urine, saliva, Tetanus Test, Tuberculosis Test, Covid-19 Test, Syphilis Test, Streptococcus Test, PCT Test, Mycoplasma Test, H. Pylori Test, Fob Test, PCR Test, Calprotectin Test, Alcohol Test Etg, Hcg Test, Veterinary Test, etc .. The system is able to read the test giving alphanumeric reading results, the instrument it allows to carry out the Objective Printing of the Result of various Quick tests. The operator can also save the screen as a PDF file for his own archive with date, test, patient name, analyzed parameters, cut-off, temperature, etc. to be printed at a later time, as a document to be attached to the form. in triplicate provided by us. SCREEN READER has been designed in such a way as to be able to have a paper support with alpha-numeric characters issued automatically by the instrument. This tool works with the drug test SCREEN CUP 8 + AD, SCREEN 7 + AD, SCREEN 8 + AD, SCREEN TETAN TEST, and our other tests, it can be updated via the internet in order to be adapted to possible changes in the legislation on the assessment of absence. of drug addiction. Using the Screen Multi Dip-Line + AD drug test, the automatic reading and objective printing of the Creatinine and PH result is also carried out, using the Screen Cup + A + AD test the reading of the 8 substances required by law, of creatinine, is performed. Ph and alcohol in the urine.

Features and Benefits of Screen Reader:

      1. A single tool that allows reading and printing of all the tests produced by Screen Italia. (Drug Test Urine Occupational Medicine, Drug Test Saliva, Alcohol Disposable Urine Test ETG, Tetanus Test, Covid-19 Test, Tuberculosis Test, Syphilis Test, Streptococcus Test, PCT Test, Mycoplasma Test, H. Pylori Test, Fob Test, PCR Test, Calprotectin Test, Hcg Test, Veterinary Test, etc.)
      2. License fee of €70 from the second year.
      3. Open software, can be installed by anyone and on multiple computers without any kind of request or authorization, you are authorized to pass the software link to your colleagues as well.
      4. It works even without being connected to the internet.
      5. Adaptable to any changes in the Law on Occupational Medicine.
      6. Telephone assistance from 09.00 to 20.00 every day (including holidays.
      7. Ability to save the PDF report on a destination folder chosen by the user. Possibility to reprint the report at any time from the Report function of the software.
      8. Reading Non-symbolic alphanumeric result indicating the cut-offs of the tests used.
      9. If the Screen Multi Dip-Line + AD test is used, the alphanumeric result of the Creatinine and Ph is also printed.
      10. If the Screen Cup 8 + A + Ad test is used, the result of the Creatinine, Ph and alcohol ETG is also printed.
      11. Test reading in 30 seconds.
      12. Pricing of tests that work with the tool, locked for 2 years.
      13. Ability to fully Backup the software and move it to a new computer without losing any data (Address Book, Report, etc.)
      14. Works with our 8x14x21 Cube-sized “Screen Box” reader, or with automatic recognition of the Optic Slim 500, 500+ and 2610 Scanner
      15. Automatic registration of the patient in the registry with the possibility at any time to modify or delete it.
      16. Possibility to choose the destination folder of the Report also for single operator.
    1. Ability to check the status of the reader directly from Screen Reader.
    2. Ability to update Screen Reader online or from file.
    3. Ability to customize the print report with your data


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