Test Droghe Sintetiche tramite Urina

Product code: SC-0050-25

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Test Droghe Sintetiche tramite Urina – Product code: SC-0050-25

The anti-drug test K2/Spice is a rapid rapid test based on immunochromatography via urine. It is designed for the qualitative determination of the main synthetic cannabis metabolites JWH-018 and JWH-073 in human urine samples at a threshold level of 50 ng/ml. Furthermore, metabolites of the MAM2201 synthetic cannabis compound can also be identified (100 ng/ml); JWH-0398 (200 ng/mL) and JWH-210 (300 ng/mL). The K2/Spice test is based on the principle of specific immunochemical reaction between antibodies and antigens to analyze special compounds in human urine samples. The test is based on the competition for the bonding antibody between the conjugate of drugs and the free drug that could be present in the tested urine sample. When the drug is present in the urine sample, it is a drug conjugate for the limited quantity of colored antibody conjugates. When the amount of drug is equal to or greater than the threshold-limit will prevent the connection of the conjugate of the drug with the antibody. Therefore a positive urine sample will not show a colored strip in the test line area, a positive result index, while the presence of a colored strip indicates a negative result. In the test there is a control line in the test window that acts as a procedural control.


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