Multi Drug Rapid Test Panel

Product code: SC-0159-25

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Multi Drug Rapid Test Panel – Product code: SC-0159-25

Drug Test for Occupational Medicine through urine, analyzes the substances required by the state-regions agreement of 09/18/08 (Occupational Medicine law) and also analyzes Buprenorphine as required by the additional note of the Lombardy region. Screen Multi Dip-Line 8 + AD analyzes the required substances with the cut-offs indicated by the law and has incorporated in the test the control of Creatinine and Ph. Analyzes: Cocaine and metabolites (COC 300), Amphetamine (AMP 500), Methamphetamine (MET 500), Buprenorphine (BUP 10), Marijuana (including cannabinoids THC) (THC 50), Opiates (including Heroin Morphine and metabolites) (MOP 300), Methylenedioxymethamphetamine Ecstasy (MDMA 500), Methadone (MTD 300), also controls the validity of the urine sample via an adulteration test present in the test. Check the Creatinine and Ph. (The urine container of 120ml. And the form in triplicate are supplied separately, you can buy them on the “Accessories” page). This Drug Test has a result printing system through its software tool (Objective Print), or the test result can also be read visually.


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